The Zanzibar

The Zanzi

The Zanzi

Bonjour Debaucherers,

I hope you all are doing well. The weather is slowly improving, but about time eh. Anyways with the better weather comes an invigorated sex drive. And where do we turn when we fail to get laid in this lovely city of ours?

Last weekend I hit the strip club in the centre of the city. The Zanzibar has a special place in the hearts of many Torontonians. Especially those that arrived in this city after they turned 19. It was the first one I hit 5 or 6 years ago 🙂

Not much has changed, I think its the same bouncers at the door from my first time, but the girls have changed. For the better? Probably not, its quality level has stayed the same if not fallen. Nonetheless, the girls are still smoking hot!

First the major pro I completely forgot about. Lap dances at $10 a song aint bad eh, but the catch is its not in private, but rather where you normally sit and watch the stage. Its kind of embarrassing having a girl dry hump you in front of your friends, and you have to make sure you dont get too frisky, eyes are ON YOU! That said though, its $10 bucks, and a nice way to gauge whether the girl will actually show you a good time or just sit on your dick and make faces (will write about that in another post).

The girls on stage do not seem too enthusiastic, it seems like they have been doing this for years, and now that I think about it, they did seem on the older side. A few young ones, but a fair bit of milfs. 2 dangerous looking Russian grannys also stay on the prowl. They are fucking sexy, but seem too bored to do anything. The rest of the girls are not too pushy, so maybe thats a good thing if you feel you “pick up” the strippers, but definitely not my thing.

The drinks were also not that well priced, at about $8, it still means you gotta pay $10 for the beer, that in a place like this shouldn’t be more than$6. However the bunny outfits the servers were wearing were very erotic, I was probably checking them out more than I was the strippers.

The club is also quite sketchy if I may say so. Im not one to shy away from shady areas, but in a strip club  you have to be careful. You hear horror stories all the time, phones being stolen, people scammed, etc. And there is not much you can do, the bouncers will walk with you to the ATM and make sure you take out the cash they claim you owe.

So with all that said, I would not go back to the Zanzibar any time soon. The location is quite good though, so at times it makes it the best option, but if I do go there it would be for a beer or 2, not more. Maybe for a $10 trial dance, but thats it. There are better options out there for the locals, let the tourists give it business,  our dollars will get us better value elsewhere.

More to come soon on the best strip club I have hit in a while, the one and only “Filmores”

Take care Debaucherers



Cafe Atlantis

Hello Sinners,

Another weekend, another strip club. This time, however, I managed to get out of the city, as my buddy had a car. We hit this “new” club called Cafe Atlantis, deep in the burbs of Mississauga. Apparently, it used to be called Treasures, and was quite popular. Well, in we went, and boy, were we glad we made the trip!

The girls were absolutely stunning. Straight up they were all model quality and friendly enough. We sat down and ordered our first round, and before the drinks even arrived, we got some seductive stares. Like a cheetah was staring down its prey. Soon enough the ladies started approaching us one by one. I would have gone for a private with any one of them, but the problem was that there was always a gorgeous girl on stage. The stage was big, with 2 poles, and the girls certainly knew what they were doing. Shit, I couldn’t even begin to comprehend. There was one girl who held herself 10 feet high on the pole with her legs, and then dropped and caught herself a foot off the ground. Got my heart racing, I must say. Obviously she was the one I wanted a private with, and after about 10 minutes she took me to her lair. I only stayed for 3 songs but it was enough for me for the time being. There were just too many beautiful girls to stay with one for too long.

I did notice, however, that the girls were playing a numbers game. Kind of like how guys do at the bar. The more girls you approach, the higher your chances for numbers, or whatever else you go for. It was annoying, but they work hard, and I would be the last to complain. I was approached by at least 13 girls that night, and apart from the 2 darlings I took privately, all moved on after a minute or so.

They also have some big screens, and show sports events, on occasion. There weren’t any games on, but I did catch some porn :p  I guess it’s a marketing gimick to get the guys horny and spend more money. Good tactic, I enjoyed it.

One thing I did not really like, however, was that it seemed they were all white. No black girls, and one asian. I guess they knew what they were doing. That being said, I sometimes get yellow fever and enjoy the orientals.

All in all, definitely worth it if you are down to splash some cash. It’s impossible not to go private here; it’s just too damn tempting. My advice, take the cash you are willing to spend, and no plastic. Chances are if you find your lovely lady, and you probably will, she will milk you dry without even trying.

The Brass Rail

The only joint worthy of the first review is the Brass Rail. It doesn’t get any better than “The Rail”. It was the first strip club in Toronto I entered. This classy joint has the best girls in town, and with Canadian and other local brews at $9.50 a bottle, its not too bad. You can expect to let go of the entire $10 bill at most places anyways, as you’re expected to leave the Loonie or Toonie for the lovely lady serving you, but here they rip off their poor waitresses. Can you blame them though, it is a business after all.

Anyways, moving on to the more important info of why this the best gentlemans club this city has to offer, it must be said once again, that the quality of females here will really WOW you. No matter what day or time, the girls are ALL drop dead gorgeous. They are also quite classy, and will know how to seduce you. I guess that is one of the best aspects of a strip club, its the fact that a beautiful woman has to convince you to spend time with them. Of course you are paying for this if she succeeds, but it still feels nice.

The private dance areas are very clean, and have ample room for you to place your cell phone and wallet, without having to worry someone will knick it whilst you are not looking. The girls are also understanding when they drag you there in between a song. They wont dare try and hustle you for money than what you should pay. They also are not shy of shaking their ass, and energetic dry humping is always part of the package. The private dance area has the perfect lighting. You can see what is going on in other booths, but just barely. Enough for you to feel some privacy, but not too much that you get worried about your belongings.

When it comes to the “No Sexual Touching” rule, it is mostly ignored. Feel free to release the hands, but do not overdo it. The last time I went there the stripper pointed to her beaver and said this is the only thing off limits. Another dancer once forced me to spank the shit out of her. I was scared the bouncer would kick my ass out, but she really did force me. It was weird she was so agressive, but I guess it depends stripper to stripper. Just make sure you dont stick your finger in any inviting area and im sure you will be fine.

All in all, the Brass Rail is a circuit favourite for many. The regulars just refuse to go anywhere else. One can also see girls enjoying drinks, and the occasional lap dance. Perfect place for a quick stop off an hour or so if you want to take it light. $20 dollars for 2 beers and 40 pairs of boobs to look at isn’t a bad deal.

No cons I can think of. Enjoy this joint, its my favourite.



Hello Fellow Indulgers,

I am a Toronto resident, who feels that Toronto receives too much criticism for being lame. Yeah last call is at 2am, but guess what, the party goes on all night if you know how to go about it. And that is what I will be trying to do, reviewing all the places I know, and hopefully many more as I discover them. The majority of reviews will be on strip clubs and escort services, but maybe a few sex clubs and the like will also be reviewed.

Not only is this for residents of Toronto, but also for our lovely visitors. I have heard many stories of people coming to Toronto, but having no idea what or where the debauchery starts. So lets try and show everyone a good time.

Also if you would like to contribute, feel free to get in touch. The more reviews, the better our people will know how to have fun 😉